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Here are some innovations for my mind, and that I'd like to design in digital computing software and systems, that I've come up with.


Sensibility Sensing Noticing Objects





now it's Smalltalk

then... ... ... ... .

This is my term.

Maybe it can find a place with Oracle Solaris and Java.

I enjoy Cincom VisualWorks Smalltalk.  Its development environment is dynamic, all-digital function of surface, objects, aspects, and messaging; state and function.


Non Visible Visual Dimension DataStore

$ sdo instance -name anSO -sdo *fxn

$ sdo use -name anSO -wsn mySOWitAVDE | anNVVDS

$ sdo use -name anSO evaporate

This is the initial idea, and will be expanded on.  Retrieval ('wake-state'), assignment, and use for the named NVVDS, a domain of entire mapped geometry and rotating cubes spheres and surfaces of s[o] nested and so forth Wittgenstein compliant world-space logical function and so forth.

UNIX.  Intended for Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux maybe, per potential and unfolding developments, 1bitrepresents, llc.


Zen-Mx T Wfp Logic

$ sdo instance -name anSO -sdodomain anNVVDS -wsn  mySOWithAVDE


-wsn "wake-state name"

2020 September 15


Focus (Function) Pane

The current pane becomes the only visible, on the black backround.  Unfocus pane restores to previous mult-window desktop status.

It would at least be at the window, JFrame, or such level.

A button in the window's title bar.  A menu item in the Xwayland right-select menu.

Focus Pane
Unfocus Pane

This is my idea.

Xwayland (Linux, BSD, UNIX, Solaris, AIX), Windows 10, Samsung Galaxy, ChromeOS, macOS.

Any operating system.

I would for Xwayland leave the task bar (application menu bar at bottom of display) visible.  This is using Gnome Tweaks.  That way the user has at-hand available options to doSomethings.  It is not visually distracting.

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Besides Oracle Linux 8 and Microsoft Windows 10-11, there are some other nice desktops and platforms.


Surface For Business

Surface Studio 2

Surface Hub 2S

There are other models Surface, for home and business.

Talos II

Based on openPOWER.

Can install any number of open operating systems on it.  At least many Linux variants and several BSD variants.

Raptor Computing Systems.

This may be an option for some.  A number of configurable models available.


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