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The Initial Conceptual Idea

I've been out of the field since 2005, when I developed a set of custom apps that were inter-operable and dynamic, and well-designed and extensible for both the user and the software development framework.  I used Objective-C with the OpenStep-derived Cocoa APIs, and rolled my own framework for efficient RDBMS access at the object/coding level.

But I see a potential for a dynamic, expert, mindset-approach to object-oriented programming and data encapsulation and visualization, for the small business, workgroup, and nonprofit.  These small businesses, workgroups, and nonprofits, I think, are limited by operating systems and approaches that are not _architected_ and not what I term inner-extensible.  This 'inner-extensible' idea that I have and way to structure software development and the class frameworks is fundamental -- and leads to code that is reliable and feature-extensible in an inter-operable way at both the object and user function levels.

This all comes from a couple of custom projects I worked on starting in 1999, in Objective-C using the NeXT-derived OpenStep (and then Apple Cocoa) APIs, with a project in 2003-2005 where I really developed and refined my understanding of object-oriented and its relation to the RDBMS.  As you can see from the 1bitrepresents home page, I now am interested in Objective-C, Java, and Cincom VisualWorks (Smalltalk), for development on a stable system (say UNIX or Linux), and deployment across platforms, relying as much as possible on stable systems (say UNIX or Linux!).  I'm going to want to be aware of integration with Windows and macOS.

After a bleak, desultory landscape in the 1990s, where there was a dearth of quality and depth at the user desktop level, in terms of available operating systems, and a simplistic view of data and app functionality, I feel that people overall are becoming more comfortable with more sophisticated -- and a variety of -- tools and platforms, all interoperable.  And the various dev/platform tools are far advanced from even the 2000 timeframe.

So that's where I'm headed with my idea.

(I've been working on a personal project of mine in another field, the mental well-being space, especially since 2010, and have published material online from that, and hope to publish it in a book.  It's been meticulous, dedicated work -- and joy.)

One further note.  In my Objective-C development in the 2003-2005 timeframe, and reflections recently on object-oriented, I use the MVC paradigm, and it's really been dynamite in terms of interoperable at that level (the software developer's level, and how he or she designs and codes the app).  My focus with 1bitrepresents is 1) to share insight that might be seen as universal; 2) to develop custom apps for the small business, workgroup, or nonprofit that are well-factored, use a complete user-requirements to coding to deployment model, and are inner-extensible, object-oriented, connected to and dynamically encapsulating state and function, whether it's an on-premise RDBMS or SaaS/Cloud; and 3) to develop apps toward (1).

I'm not yet sure what company structure I'll take, but have given some thought to this, and to some of the ideas in Minsky's books The Society Of Mind and The Emotion Machine -- as well as free market, modified Marxist, Zen, domain-resource, and justice thought -- thoughts which I'll take further.

For instance:

Union embedded in the company.  Or, union ideas embedded, as the entire company structure represents, is, functions as, and projects.  1bitrepresents.

Minsky agency models, enhanced.

Select Marxist critique, and other.  And an enhanced model, a flexi-class/instance-expression (my term, inspired by object-oriented programming (Objective-C and Smalltalk) and my own observations, in life-and-this-world: where flexi-class involves the self, resource, society, understanding, and function).

Zen.  Other.

Justice thought, social justice, economic justice, environmental justice, and ethics.

The free market, pools of money, layers, flexi-structure, resource, merit, standpoint, philosophy, the external world, and etc.

Structural, functional, operational, and natural model.  Project, resource, and product.  Professional, individual, interpersonal, workgroup, and corporate.  Awareness, dimension, duration, resilience, and responsiveness.


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